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USA Today- Opinion December 14 December 14 FOLLOW US NEWS SPORTS LIFE MONEY TECH TRAVEL OPINION WEATHER USATODAY.COM NEWS opinion Trump administration is a scandal in waiting: Column From the president on down, strong steps needed to manage record wealth, investments and conflicts. Read Story opinion Punchlines: ‘When cheesy met Yeezy’ The late-night comics take a look at one of the most talked about meetings in American pop-political history. opinion The futile nature of gender equality: Column There will never be enough women who want to be executives — not as long as they choose to have children. opinion DeVos is in Neverland on school reform: Column Trump’s education nominee is passionate about steering public dollars away from public schools. Advertisement opinion The Russia affair: Our view It is time to get to the bottom of Putin’s role in our election. opinion Rep. Rohrabacher: Putin didn’t steal election Even the FBI and the CIA are conflicted over what happened. opinion Rex Tillerson’s oily despots: David Andelman Trump’s secretary of State pick has had to ignore core American values. columnist We need to fill ‘new collar’ jobs that employers demand: IBM’s Rometty IBM’s CEO lays out a plan to connect more non-college grads to tech jobs. opinion Secretary of State pick should surprise no one: #tellusatoday Choosing Tillerson should cause a scandal. But it won’t. opinion Trump’s military men can’t fix America: Column Infatuation with generals reflects U.S. crisis of confidence in itself and its institutions. Editorial Cartoon Popular Stories Woman tracks down stranger who hugged her in saddest moment of her life Pass the Dramamine: World’s largest wave recorded Unarmed elderly man with dementia killed by police in Calif. To forward this e-mail to a friend, click here You are currently subscribed to this newsletter with the address: To UNSUBSCRIBE, please click here . Manage Subscriptions | Help | Advertise | Home Delivery | Privacy Policy – Your California Privacy Rights (c) 2016 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. 7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA 22108